23 Mar

In addition to the Resolution from CORA opposing the Graymont land-transfer, I think this document is important for what it says about the state’s “consultations” with Tribes that the DNR continually alludes to.  

The Natural Resources Commission memo, dated March 9 and linked below, says this (under “Engagement”): “Sovereign tribal governments have submitted letters of opposition to the sale or exchange of land proposed in earlier versions of this LTA [Land Transfer Agreements].”  Later in the memo, under the same heading, the NRC says this: “Consultation with sovereign governments of federally recognized tribes concerning the third version of the LTA occurred on January 28, 2015. Discussion topics ranged from technical aspects of the proposal to, most importantly, the impact of the LTA on the exercise of treaty rights in the 1836 Treaty area.”

For more details, click on the “Graymont Injunction” link.


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