13 Dec

Well, we had our “scheduling hearing” on our “fracking-water” Appeal in the LTBB Court, today.  Here’s the short version –the Appellate Court sent the case back to the Lower Court, essentially (as I understand it), because the Lower Court issued its ruling without holding any sort of a hearing, depriving the state of its opportunity to present it’s case (that the LTBB Courts lack “personal jurisdiction” over the defendants), and, consequently, depriving the Appellate Court of sufficient “evidence” to make a ruling on the Appeal.  So, the case has been sent back to the Lower Court.  So, what we have is the Lower Court saying –we don’t want to hear this case– and the Appeal Court saying –we don’t want to hear this Appeal (at least, not yet),  Stay tuned (this phase will take months, most likely).

Once we have some documents to post, we’ll do so on the “Injunction” page …. stay tuned.


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