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“Animal Parts” –Beaver Creek and the Eagle Feather

9 May

This link will take you to the Crawford County Avalanche article relating the “Saga of Beaver Creek and the Eagle Feather.”  I went to the Beaver Creek fracking site today (May 8), and the Feather is gone, as are the four Sacred Ash trees that were planted late Friday, May 3.  But the frackers are there in force:

Possibility of an “Aboriginal Insurrection”

2 May

Apparently, the Canadian Government should pay a whole lot more attention to the justified grievances of Aboriginal People, including Idle No More.

John Ivison: Grim report warns Canada vulnerable to an aboriginal insurrection

Washington Treaty Rights Resource Case

2 May

This post shows what can happen if a State ignores its responsibilities in Treaty Rights cases: 

Federal District Court Orders Washington StateAgencies to Repair Culverts that Block Fish Passage inViolation of Tribes’ Treaty Fishing Right